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Coloration of textiles involves the use of dyes and pigments of various classes, which are applied to the textile materials by different techniques of dyeing. In dyeing, the dyeing additives used to allow the even surface distribution of the dye, the desired colour depth and brilliance, the necessary colour fastness so that colours do not fade.

 Washing Off / Sequestering Agent
Texacan PWWashing off and protective collides with sequestering properties
Texacan RSSpecial product for after-soaping reactive & vat dyeing
Texacan DPWashing off for reactive dyeing & printing
Texacan SCSurfactant-free special product for removing reactive dyestuff hydrolyzate from reactive dyeing and prints in liquors containing electrolytes
ProductDispersing Agents
Texagon LDUniversal dispersing and levelling agent
Texagon DUUniversally applicable dispersing agent
Texagon ETEmulsifier for textile printing
ProductLeveling Agent
Texasol PLLow-foaming levelling agent for polyester dyeing
Texasol LVLeveling agent for vat dyeing
Texasol SDDispersing agent improving the solubility of reactive dyestuffs
ProductAnti-Migrating Agent
Texamig  AF-100Anti-migrating agent for Continuous Dyeing
Texamig GH-70One Component product for Pigment Dyeing System
ProductDyeing Auxiliary
Texagon ADAlkali donor for reactive dyeing
ProductReactive Fixing Agent
Texafix FRFormaldehyde free Reactive Fixer
Texafix ACCationic afterfixing agent for reactive dyeing
Texafix RDCationic fixing agent for direct & reactive dyeing
Texafix ACRCationic afterfixing agent for reactive dyeing
ProductLubricating Agent
Texalube PCCrease preventing agent and gliding agents
Texalube PC-100Crease preventing agent and gliding agent for cellulose fibres
ProductPer-Oxide Killer
Texacon AEEnzymatic auxiliary for the destruction of remaining peroxide after bleaching
Texacon OBDyeing auxiliary for two step oxidative bleaching and dyeing
ProductReducing Agent
Texaron AR-100Reducing agent for aftercleaning of PES in dyeing bath

We offer solutions for wet processing of textiles, Leather. Garments and water treatment plants to improve their performance and final product aesthetic effects using our industry leading technologies and high-performance ingredients supported by our formulation and industrial application expertise. 

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