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In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to any process performed on yarn or fabric to improve the look, performance, or “hand” (feel) of the finished textile or clothing.

ICP offers a wide range of specialty products to create a variety of effects.  ICP products are applied to various fabric types; cellulosic, synthetic and blend, products are formulated to modify physical characteristics such as softness, smoothness, drape, abrasion resistance, water absorption and moisture management.

 Fatty Acid Softener
Texasoft VS flakesVerstile softening agent for all types of fibres
Texasoft PS pasteFatty acid pseudo cationic softener (Paste)
Texasoft PHLiquid softener with hydrophilic properties
ProductNon-Ionic Softener
Texasoft GF FlakesNon-ionic softener for all kind of fibres (Flakes)
TexasoftRRD PasteNon-ionic softener for all kind of fibres (Paste)
ProductPolyethylene Based Softener
Texasoft PSPolyethylene softener (high density)
Texasoft WSPolyethylene wax emulsion for sewability improvement
ProductSilicone Softener
Texasoft ESSilicone elastomeric compound
Texasoft SD silicone softener for durable hydrophilic finish of textiles
Texasoft USModified silicone softener for universal application
Texasoft FASilicone softener for final finishing of textiles
Texasoft HSESilicone softener having hydrophilic properties
Texasoft SRSoftener and additive for the final finish of textiles
Texasoft MHHydrophilic macro silicone softener for textiles
Texasoft WHWeight Increasing Agent
ProductWater & Oil Repellent
Texasol OWFluorocarbon (highly concentrated)Fluorocarbon for producing durable water & oil-repellent effects to textiles
Texasol PFFluorocarbon for producing durable water & oil-repellent effects to textiles

We offer solutions for wet processing of textiles, Leather. Garments and water treatment plants to improve their performance and final product aesthetic effects using our industry leading technologies and high-performance ingredients supported by our formulation and industrial application expertise. 

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